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Know-how is not the same as wisdom. 

Leadership models are helpful. Conferences and books and podcasts can inspire and teach us. 

And: relying solely on these activities is like reading about how to cook a beautiful, healthy meal without ever getting into the kitchen.


Coaching is the kitchen. 

Coaching helps you take the know-how you've learned from others and create your own wisdom, made by and for you, here and now.

Image by Steve Johnson

Capt. Jamey Bowdel
City of Roanoke Police Dept. 

"Amanda helped guide me through some of the hardest career choices I had to make. Making those decisions rested solely on my shoulders, but working through the decision-making process with someone willing to push me towards answering the questions I was not willing to answer on my own helped me focus on my goals. Coaching truly is the first step in achieving a better version of yourself and Amanda will be there to help you grow."

Stephanie Hoer
VP Mission Services
Goodwill Industries of the Valleys

"Through my work with Amanda, I have increased my capacity to think strategically and focus on team development. Amanda has a gift for asking the right questions and serves as a sound navigator through change management."

Tara McNerney

Former Executive Director

City Blossoms, Washington DC

"With Amanda's coaching, I found my voice and discovered a new level of confidence as a first time executive director. I learned about myself and developed new mental habits that have stuck with me. She always gave 110% to each of our sessions, and I truly felt that I had someone in my corner, rooting for me and going above and beyond to help me navigate hard times." 

A UNIQUE KIND OF relationship

In coaching, you are the expert in charge of where we go together. My job is to create a safe space for you to share your goals, investigate what's holding you back, and to create a way forward. I'm a question-asker and listener, a master of paying attention. The goal? to discover what's been there all along:


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