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Cultural Strategic Planning (CUSP)

CuSP: noun. a point of transition between two different states.
Also, acronym: Cultural Strategic Plan.

A strategic plan specifically dedicated to creating your ideal workplace environment, CuSP is a uniquely designed process to ensure that your culture is a force for good, not a barrier to a better tomorrow.

You're on the cusp of something new. Don't let inattention to cultural health be in the way of the future you want.

Culture: On Purpose.

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Leadership and 
Executive Coaching

You have questions you're afraid to ask.

Ideas you can't imagine saying out loud.

Challenges that seem insurmountable.


Where do you take all of this?

When you keep it all hidden, IT becomes more powerful. The work drives you.

When you share it in a safe space, YOU become more powerful. You drive the work.


As your coach, I give you my full attention. I sit squarely in your corner. I ask you questions you have not asked yourself. I don't judge. I don't advise. I don't grade you. 

I trust you. 

I believe in you.

I give you space to do the hardest work of all: 

the work that happens on the inside.

I bear witness to your growth

and celebrate with you.


Your board is stuck in a seemingly unresolvable conflict. 

Your organization needs to get better at adapting and innovating. 

You want to infuse more clarity and creativity into decision-making processes.

You wish collaboration was the norm with your staff.

You want to help your managers practice effective, human-centered performance management.

You want your organization to embrace a growth mindset, prioritizing learning above perfection.

We can help. 

Through workshops, retreats, keynotes, and other facilitated experiences, we help your team build knowledge, skills, and mindsets that will serve your organization well. 

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