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Our Services

At The Artisan Leader, we work with individuals and organizations to co-create solutions based on your needs, your resources, and your aspirations. 

Cultural Health Assessment*

The spark has fizzled. Work is just OK.

Communications are strained, 

conflicts are avoided,

meetings have become boring,

connection seems lacking. 

Through a cultural health assessment, we can help you surface areas that need your attention and help you design a path forward to the workplace culture you want.

Coaching Intensives*

You are motivated to make changes but lack movement. 

Inspired...and in need of clarity and confidence.

Seeking direction. And soon.

A coaching intensive is a one-day personal retreat designed for discovery, depth, and direction. 

Retreat & Workshop Facilitation

Whether you want to help your team members get to know each other better or you want to develop skills among your workforce, we can help. 

Our trainings are designed to take deep dives into leadership topics like culture, boundaries, conflict, and innovation. 

We are also available to provide custom keynote addresses. 

Cultural Strategic Planning (CuSP)*

A strategic plan specifically dedicated to creating your ideal workplace environment, CuSP is a uniquely designed process to ensure that your culture is a force for good, not a barrier to a better tomorrow. 

You're on the cusp of something great. Don't let inattention to cultural health be in the way of the future you want.

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an integral tool for all levels of leadership and has been shown to result in increased employee engagement, improved communication, and greater accountability.  

We offer 1:1 coaching in flexible packages to make sure you get the support you or your team needs. 

Organizational Development

From crafting vision and values to strategic planning, the work of building your organization's effectiveness is too important for "one-size-fits-all" solutions. We're here to help you design what will wow and what will work.

We can assist with leadership and board development, leadership transitions, employee reviews, meeting design, and other elements of your workplace.

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