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Stress and Sight

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

When it's hard to see the way, be a cat.

On my way home from one appointment, I realized I had missed another appointment while heading to my next appointment which was with my son to buy him some fish (four of which would be dead by evening - see here for that sad story.)

This business, which has been fun and fulfilling (and is now a year old!) has grown. I'm experiencing the very normal thing that happens when a business grows: stress. Forgetting an important appointment was an indicator light in a dark-ish moment. The way I'd been carrying my work was affecting me - how I was feeling, what I was prioritizing, even my memory. Stress affects how we see what is happening and what we should do next. It can make us feel stuck.

Cats see in the dark eight times better than humans because their eyes are more sensitive and more reflective -- two traits that can help us when we are stuck in low-vision moments. How can sensitivity and reflection help? How do we practice them in our overwhelm?

Here's what I did: The minute I arrived home from fish-shopping, I audited my calendar. Where had I been spending my time? What was filling up my calendar in the weeks ahead? What was not there that was important to me? Then, I asked myself:

  • What can I delegate?

  • What can I eliminate?

  • What can I automate?

  • What must I do - that only I can do?

I began to remember that I have choice.

Decisions became clearer.

I took action. Called for help. People were gracious.

I cleared some space. Light seeped in.

Overwhelm dissipated.

Feeling stuck and directionless can be brief and transitory.

The next time you're there, remember the cat: Sensitivity and reflection are your keys to seeing more clearly and making your way back into choice...into light.

Wishing you feline-like vision as you start this week, Amanda


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