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On a trail run last weekend, I had to stop three separate times. Not for pain, not out of fatigue, but for three different writing ideas that came to me that I knew I had to capture. I spoke reminders into my watch (what would we do without robots?) so that I could return to them as soon as I got home. Those ideas were like a screaming baby. Ignoring or shushing them was not an option. The only option was to stop and give them attention. Out of the four thousand thoughts I had on that run, all of them disappeared except those three, because they were about something I love. When writing ideas show up, I stop, even when it's inconvenient. What is your screaming baby? What do you care about so much that you would allow it to interrupt your drive or your zoom meeting or your dinner out?

One of the things I haven't been able to ignore lately is a calling I feel to create something new, something that serves my community by supporting those who lead us, support that is more than one-liners and pep talks. That's where you've landed: the beginnings of my something new. Leading is making. Making something new. Making something better. Making something work. Sometimes, leading might even mean making a mess. Whatever you make, my mission is to help you create like only you can.

To all that speaks to you, Amanda


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